Waste to Protein

True Circular Economy

Powered by Nature

The Black Soldier fly (BSF) offers a unique opportunity to address the climate challenges and the emerging food security crisis.

Harnessing the power of BSF to upcycle organic waste and produce quality protein and other functional products for agriculture applications and as alternative energy.

The Israeli BSF consortium supported by the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) aims to leverage the power of the fly and accelerate the deployment of the industry through symbiosis and the creation of the BSF ecosystem in Israel.

About BSF Israel

Animal domestication and the establishment of farming practices can take decades. This process can be accelerated through joint research, resource, experience, and knowledge sharing. Israeli BSF consortium has been established to utilize this strategy to accelerate the development of a circular economy solution based on thoroughly crafted BSF farming.

Addressing the challenges through multidisciplinary research combining nutritional, entomological, biochemical, industrial, agricultural, genomic, ecological, microbiological, energy, and economic inputs will generate a body of data across the value chain. The data, collected, monitored, and validated by data scientists and industrial engineers, will be processed and reiterated by AI-powered software to maximize the value of the knowledge. This unique collaboration will accelerate the development of the BSF industry in Israel and position Israel as a BSF world leader.

Working Process

BSF Israel Members

Israeli Visions on the BSF ecosystem

Israel Innovation Authority has recognized circular economy and climate techs as major drivers in the coming years. In that respect, the BSF Israel consortium serves as a unique opportunity to join forces in tackling circular economy in terms of both waste management and protein alternative and leverage the power of the Black Soldier fly (BSF) to create an ecosystem wherein it is possible to consume organic waste and produce quality protein as well as other functional products that can be used in agriculture and as alternative energy source.