BSF Israel Partners

“Israel Innovation Authority has recognized circular economy and climate techs as major drivers in the coming years. In that respect, the BSF Israel consortium serves as a unique opportunity to join forces in tackling circular economy in terms of both waste management and protein alternative and leverage the power of the Black Soldier fly (BSF) to create an ecosystem wherein it is possible to consume organic waste and produce quality protein as well as other functional products that can be used in agriculture and as alternative energy source.

The BSF Israeli consortium will accelerate the development of novel technologies that will position Israel as a major player in this growing industry. The combined efforts of this rare collaboration will bring forth innovative products and pathways from the BSF, will advance knowledge in this domain and will accumulate unprecedented amount of data that will serve as a powerful and robust tool for further developments.

The consortium will focus on leveraging as many waste channels as possible, establishing a stable BSF colony and standardizing the entire growth cycle to produce a verity of products from animal feed, soil enhancers all the way up to alternative energy. The main accomplishment will be in the form of a data center that will create an economic model and a tool designed to help the industry grow even further.

We expect that these tools will enable this industry to mature in Israel and be the forerunner for the entire ecosystem

Halman-Aldubi group achieved 500,000 clients and 20 billion $AUM in finance, energy, climate, real estate, food-tech & technology. The group established the Israeli pension association, and the Israeli & Cypriot oil and gas associations.

Today more than ever, the world needs creative, innovative and technological environmental solutions.

Halman-Aldubi Technologies (HAT) harnesses innovative and sustainable technologies to develop profitable A-Z solutions for some of the world’s greatest environmental and climate challenges: Carbon removal solutions, hunger and sustainable food production, reduction of global sea level rise.

Our intention is to be one stop shop for environmental challenges of countries, the “Amazon” of climate, sustainability and food security solutions.

Halman-Aldubi Technologies have support from the UN and work with international finance institutions such as EBRD, World Bank, IFC etc.

“A healthy and sustainable environment and building food and economic security are currently the top priorities of world leaders. We have Israeli technological solutions for them.״ -Dr. Rony Halman

Dr. Michal Levy, the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Agriculture, stated: “sustainable agriculture, food security and the concern for the environment are top priorities for us. Through the use of innovative technological systems, it is possible to accelerate the finding of innovative and ground-breaking solutions for the short and long term in order to make information-based decisions. A platform that will make it possible to boost local agriculture and its challenges, is needed. In particular challenges around the effects of the climate crisisand waste are important”

With this agenda in mind, having a government supported consortium to accelerate the Black Soldier Fly industry is a major step. The consortium is leveraging the power of nature to address circular economy challenges – waste management and alternative protein as well as new energy sources and agriculture enhancers. The consortium will be advancing a data sharing powerhouse to allow fast decision-making processes, based on information (data). The Ministry of Agriculture supports these areas and looks forward to collaborating with the consortium and advance this industry in Israel and for the world